What is a Sedum Roof?

A sedum roof is low growing with shallow roots systems meaning that once your green roof is established it will not become overgrown nor will it require watering just a yearly feed. It also has the added advantage of being an evergreen to provide a beautiful array all year round.

Benefits of a Sedum roof:

  • They are very low in maintenance due to the nature of the low growing plant it creates very little opportunity for weeds to take charge due to the way the plant grows.
  • A very adaptable plant and is drought tolerant ( not that we usually need to worry about this being in the UK ).
  • Once the roof is well established it will not become overgrown but just one yearly feed and a glance over every now and them to see how things are coming along.
  • The roots of the plant are also an added advantage for the green roof due to the shallow root system meaning reducing the amount of weight to the roof aiding the installation process.


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